To my new slicing family

I decided to join the challenge this year after having read a lot of the slices that were posted last year.  I needed this challenge because it caused me to move out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes as teachers, we want our students to write each day, but unless we ourselves are living as writers it’s a bit hypocritical to ask our students to do what we don’t practice.  It’s like that quote, “do as I say, not as I do.” 

I created a blog, and challenged myself to post each day.  I even told my Principal, who continually encouraged me to complete the month and even added me to the favorites.  There were times when I thought, “what did I get myself into?”  but I was so encouraged as I read other posts and the comments that were left for me.

As I come to the end of the month long challenge, I know that I want to continue posting and hearing from other bloggers.  I am especially interested in conversing with teachers of young students about the excitement and challenges of awakening the writing world to them. 

Thank you Ruth and Stacey for giving me the opportunity of moving out of my comfort zone.

Day 2 of flooring

Why does a seemingly simple project grow out of control?  Yesterday we began removing old linoleum, only to find out that the glue used would not fully come off with the recommended adhesive remover.  Regardless of the amount we poured over the glue, it would not come off.  Now we find ourselves on hands and knees scraping and realizing that we need new trims.  My father has removed all of the trims and now he is at Home Depot buying new replacements. I am in flooring hell.


My husband and I set out this morning to begin changing our kitchen floor.  Of course, what seemed to be an easy job is actually longer and more complicated and my father has been recruited to join in the “fun” we are experiencing.   I don’t know how much time this will take, but I am sure the work will be all worth the time and hassle when it is complete and I can look at the finished product.


Today was a good day in Church.  It always feels good to be in a place where there is peace, joy, and family.  All other things can wait.  It always sets the tone for the week.


I spent a good part of my day trying to choose the right tiles for my kitchen floor.  I felt like a kid in a candy store with all of the choices.  I remembered what kids feel when they go into a toy store.  I am supposed to wait until tomorrow to begin, but I might cheat and begin laying some out tonight.

Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday I asked everyone to answer a question my daughter asked me for a school project, which was, “What is your favorite school memory?”  I was surprised at the variety of answers I received.  The  responses caused me to continue thinking about my school experience which led to a conversation with my daughter about some of the teachers I had in school.  She was surprised to find out that my favorite teacher was my fourth grade teacher, Mr. Muller, who always took us on a trip every month.  She was even more surprised to learn that not only was he my favorite teacher, but that we kept in contact throughout the years and he even attended my wedding. 

Yesterday I asked you about  your favorite school memory, but today I am curious to know if you have a teacher who made a lasting impression on you.

Important Woman Interview

My daughter completed a project in which she had to interview an important woman in her life.  She chose to interview me for the project.  One of the questions she asked was, “What is your favorite school memory?”  I had a difficult time choosing one because there were quite a few, but it all came down to my Kindergarten memories of story time and reciting some of my favorite lines from the stories my teacher read to us.

My question for everyone today is, what is your favorite school memory?

Great Surprise

At the end of the school day yesterday, I was checking my mailbox one last time and I came across a yellow manila envelope.  When I opened it, I found invitations from three of my Kindergarten students from last year inviting me to their writing celebration.  It put a smile on my face!  I enjoy the energy of writing celebrations.  The invitations were beautifully decorated and one of the invitations said, “I would like to show you my wrighting.  It is much much much! beter.  And I would love you to see it.  And when you come, yo’ll see some of your straduges/strategies.”  How could I resist such an invitation.   So this morning, I worked my way to the room for the celebration and indulged in being read to and hearing how these first grade students had used their “straduges” and written some wonderful small moments.  I made copies of their books and brought them back to my room.  Tonight, I am writing a card to each of those writers to thank them for inviting me to the celebration, tell them how much I enjoyed their work, and remind them that they absolutely made my day sunny!  What a great way to begin my day.

Message Wall

My daughter (9 years old) has been immersed in Writer’s Workshop from the time she could hold a pencil.  I have always provided sheets of paper stapled together, let her choose new writing books whenever we were in the book aisle of a store, and I always let her write alongside me while I did my own work.  She would always want to share her work with the rest of the family audience and we would post them all over the refrigerator.  Once she began school, she enjoyed the writing celebrations, the encouraging words from her peers, teachers, and the special notes the Principal would write telling her how much she enjoyed specific writing strategies she had demonstrated.  (They are still on our refrigerator).  She has a dresser drawer full of notebooks.  These notebooks are filled with small moments, songs she had written, poems, sketches, lists, letters, and messages.

Lately she has begun to print riddles, schedules, poems, and letters on the home computer and post them on a wall in the family room.  It has become her personal message wall for everyone to see and enjoy.  She gets excited when friends and family members respond to the messages by writing answers or messages on them.  Even my son’s friends have left messages.

I know that the home-school connection has made a lasting impact on her to see herself as a writer.  I am on the lookout everyday to see if there is a new posting, and I am already thinking ahead to saving all of those postings and creating a book of her work.