I have been trying to get my children to eat broccoli for years with no success, until this past weekend!  I decided to introduce the dreaded vegetable in a new fashion.  I coated the florets with olive oil and baked them for about 10-15 minutes until they were a bit crunchy on the ends.  Much to my surprise, they liked it!  They even asked for more.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Was it that simple to get them to eat their vegetables?  I think I will try other vegetables and see what happens.

It made me wonder  how there are times when children are reluctant to write because it doesn’t “taste good”, but what if we introduce it in a different wrapping?


10 thoughts on “Broccoli

    • Stacey-
      Thank you for the recipe. I will definitely try it. The Food Network is my favorite channel and I am always trying recipes from the various chefs.

      I have been visiting your web site for quite a while and recently read on it that you taught at P.S. 171 in East Harlem. I actually did my student teaching there in 1988 when Mrs. Skeen was the Principal. I worked in the Gifted program and eventually my son attended that school for Pre-K through 1st grade. I was working as a teacher in District 2 on 95 St. and later on West 53rd St. and after 15 years of working in NYC schools,(and all of the training at TC and Reading Recovery), I am now in my 5th year working in a school in South Brunswick, NJ.

    • I have already made the broccoli two more times, without any complaints. That is a miracle in my house. If you look above at the comment left by Stacey, she gave a link for another broccoli recipe. I look forward to trying it out soon. I’ll keep you posted.

  1. You’re so right about the roasted broccoli approach to writing (and math and science and …). I’m always looking for ways to introduce subjects in a new way for my students.

    And I love the sound of that broccoli. I’mg definitely going to have to try some!

  2. Found you through Two Writing Teachers…congrats on taking up the challenge!! I definitely think we could make writing – and all learning – taste better to kids. Will we hear how you’d wrap your writing to make it more enticing to kids?

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