Through the eyes of another

This morning it seemed that everything was running behind schedule.  I couldn’t get ready for school fast enough, my daughter couldn’t find some classwork that was due, and of course, during all of this the dog needed to go out.  I debated whether I should take the dog out or let my husband do it later on, but how could I resist those big black eyes.

As she went outside I became a little annoyed at how she just wouldn’t go right to the grass and “do her thing” and come back so that I could get to work.  I called but she continued to walk around, sniff the air, sit on the grass and enjoy the sunshine.  She seemed completely content.

I began to realize that she was taking time to do what I should do more often…take some time each day to look around, take a deep breath, and enjoy the day and that is exactly what I plan to do!  Thanks Bella.