Cars in the driveway

During the last snowstorm, my husband, son and I made sure to squeeze our three cars into the driveway in order to avoid getting a ticket for preventing snow plows from clearing the roads. Once we finished, I took a quick look from the front door and realized that my driveway looked like a traffic jam on the highway. I thought back to the fact that when we first moved into our house, we only had one car and how, as time went by, I needed to get a car in order to be the primary chauffeur for the kids. Now my oldest son has a car sitting in the driveway.

When my oldest son was born, people would tell me to enjoy every moment because he would grow up in the “blink of an eye”. As he began to discover HotWheels and Matchbox cars, he become the proud owner of over 500 cars (due to family members who used any excuse to buy “the baby” more toys). He enjoyed playing with his cars and would take a case full of them wherever he would go. Some of his earliest pieces of art and writing are of the traffic jams he would make with those cars!

He no longer plays or travels with cases of those cars. Most of them are now parked in plastic bins in my garage waiting for future grandchildren (hopefully, not too soon) to play with them. He graduated from playing with those cars and making traffic jams on his pretend roads, to now driving his own car and creating a traffic jam in my driveway.


2 thoughts on “Cars in the driveway

  1. How sweet, the way a simple image from today reminded you of a story from yesterday. My son is four and loves to play with Matchbox cars. Although I know in my mind he will be driving himself sometime too soon from now, my heart just doesn’t want to accept it. So I cuddle and snuggle and play on the floor with him as much as possible right now in hopes that his growing up will hurt less later. Thanks for sharing your story & becoming a Slicer. 😉
    Happy writing,

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