Birds of a feather?

Several months ago, I was preparing for a speech I was to give the next morning.  I went upstairs and locked myself in my room.  I knew that if I wasn’t disturbed, I would not only get a chance to go over my notes but I would attempt a power point to accompany my points.

As I walked upstairs, my parakeet decided to fly upstairs and join me in the room.  I didn’t think much of it except for the fact that he rarely ventured upstairs.  I closed the door and began going over my notes.  That’s when it happened…

that crazy bird decided that he would be much more comfortable sitting on my head than anywhere else in the room.  I tried to shoo him off but he would circle the room and fly back to my head.  I tried to get him off several times, with no success.   In my frustration I got up to look at myself in the mirror and see what he was doing.  When I looked at myself I started to laugh because all he was trying to do was grab the barrette I was wearing.  I decided that as long as he wasn’t going to criticize my writing, he could stay and play.  And that’s exactly what he did!

By the way, he stayed on my head until I went back downstairs 40 minutes later.


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