Dance Competition

I debated about writing this evening because it has been a long day.  I tried to make excuses but I reminded myself that this was a challenge I accepted, so here is today’s slice.

I spent a rather large part of my day with my daughter at a dance competition.  She is part of the competition team for her school and today was the first of four competitions.  I finished getting her hair and make-up ready.  She told me that she hoped  her group would win Platinum (highest level) and gave me a kiss as her group prepared to go on stage.  I looked at her and said, “it doesn’t matter if you win or not, as long as you know you tried your best.”  As I was speaking to her, there were the typical “stage moms” around who were  demanding of  their daughters nothing less than a  first place trophy. 

I worked my way to the front row so that she could see I was there to cheer her on, and when the time came, I waved and cheered and, of course, I thought her group was the best!

It seemed like an eternity before awards were given!  No, her group did not win platinum and she was a bit disappointed but she told me that she did have a good time.  I reminded her that it was not important whether the judges thought her or her group was great, but that as long as her parents and teachers knew they were great, that was all that mattered.