When the new year began, my husband and I made a promise to eat better and exercise. We even found a way to juggle our schedules and work out at a nearby gym.  I am not a fan of exercise and I really hate it when my husband outruns me on the treadmill,  but I know that if it were not for him pushing me to go past my comfort zone, I probably would have stopped going and canceled my membership.  He holds me accountable for the amount of time I exercise and doesn’t let me negotiate a shorter workout time.  I grumble, pout, and complain that I am too tired but he doesn’t let me give up.  Since that time, I have increased the amount of time I work out and I feel good about myself.  All this because someone wouldn’t let me give up.

This is similar to what this SOLC challenge has done for me.  The motto on the two writing teachers’ site says, “Write.  It’s good for you” and for me it has been a challenge to write everyday.  There have been times when I thought about not writing a new post, but it has been great to read the comments left by other people, and in fact, everyone has held me accountable which has made me want to exercise my writing muscles a little bit more.  Thank you for inspiring me through your posts and pushing me to flex my tiny muscles!

By the way, I still can’t outrun my husband on the treadmill, but I am not giving up!


11 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. I LOVE lifting weights. Well, I don’t love it, but I do enjoy the feeling of power I get when I find I can move up to a new weight. I think it helps my all over well- being! I also love to walk/jog outside. Treadmills don’t do it for me, but I love being outside even in the yucky weather.
    Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’!

  2. I wish I could get my husband to join the gym with me. I need him to challenge me:-) Yes, I agree that participating in the Slice of LIfe challenge helps me to write daily!

  3. Good for you! I too feel some pressure to write each day. I don’t personaly know any of you but feel an obligation to continue what I started.I am starting to preplan some of my pieces and look foreward to the actual writing. Exercise is so similar to writing. It takes dedication, planning, and a little nudging once in a while.

  4. Writing (and posting) everyday is a challenge for me too. I collect bits & pieces of my life . . .but not always online. I like the challenge of HAVING to post daily for one month. I’m glad you are hanging with us. 🙂
    Happy writing, Ruth

  5. Keep it up!!! (Both the exercise and the writing!) 🙂 The second connection for me is how great I feel when I am done with a workout and with a piece of writing (or at least a draft). There is a reward to the process EVERY SINGLE TIME. Who doesn’t love that? And, the long-lasting rewards… a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. I find myself paying such closer attention to the details of life when I am writing daily, even if I write a minimum on any given day, it draws me in to be present in my life, rather than watching it roll on by while I eat bon bons on the couch and miss out! 🙂

  6. Yeah, put me in the non-exercise category as well. We get out for our morning walk, but then fall into the paper when we return, bypassing any other exertion.

    I agree about the writing. It’s a work-out and so beneficial when, at the the end of the month, you’ll find it’s so much easier!


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