Kids say the funniest things

I was reading a book about sharks with a small group of children.  They were fascinated with the photos of different types of sharks and they were quick to mention any information they knew from other books or from television programs.  On one of the last pages there was a picture of a particular shark and the caption read, “this shark is only as long as a pencil”, at which point one of the boys in the group said, “it’s a good thing nobody tries to sharpen him, or he might get a pointy head.”

As you can imagine, we all had a good laugh!  It made me want to ask everyone reading this blog, What is the funniest thing you recently heard a child say? 

Please share them with us so we can have a good laugh!


One thought on “Kids say the funniest things

  1. I’m not sure about said, but I just watched my neighbor’s child push a motorized jeep (the kind a small child would ride around in on the lawn) rather than getting in it to drive it. She pushed it, Flintstone-style, for about 100 yards and then jumped it and sped off. It was quite cute!

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