Budget Cuts

There has been a lot of scary news about school districts around the country receiving less money than they have in the past.  In our district, that has created a sense of doom and gloom among teachers, both tenured and non-tenured.  Everyone now looks at each other wondering if that colleague could be the person that bumps them out of a job.  Lunch conversations have changed from the excitement of the upcoming school play to asking when each person was hired and where on the “ranking” list they may be, and which licenses they hold.

Is there anyone else experiencing a similar situation?  I am curious how other schools are dealing with the impending cuts.


2 thoughts on “Budget Cuts

  1. It is bad in CA! I have had friends with more than 6 years of experience getting pink slips. I know that many districts are only hiring teachers on a year-to-year basis. There are no more tenure track positions. It is really difficult for the new teachers:(

  2. I imagine it is the same in a lot of places. I know that contracts will not go out early this year as they have in the past and there is a definite air of uncertainty.

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