Be nice to your neighbor!

Since Friday, it has been raining but yesterday the wind was howling horribly.  I watched helplessly from my windows as several sections of my fence fell victim to the torrential winds and rain.  I wondered how many other sections would fall and reassured my daughter as she wondered if some of our trees would also fall. 

This morning I wanted to make sure that everything was okay.  My husband and I checked around the perimeter of the house and all was well.  No other sections of my fence or anything else had fallen and we decided that when we returned home from Church, we would begin repairing the fence.  Much to our surprise, while we were out, our neighbor had noticed our fence and decided to begin repairing it himself.

We were touched that in spite of the damage done to his landscaping, he took the time to care for our need. 

It’s nice to know that there are still people who look out for their neighbors.