Jungle Book

Today our 4th and 5th graders put on a school performance of  Disney’s,  “Jungle Book Kids.”  My daughter was a bee in the performance and I must say that everyone did a GREAT job!  They started rehearsals in November, right after auditions, and the students worked very hard.  It was so rewarding to see all of their work come together  on stage for everyone to see and applaud.  After the performance, our Principal asked the younger students if they would like to participate in a production when they get to  4th and 5th grade.  Without hesitation, every hand went up because they had been inspired by what they had just witnessed.

So it is when we are working on a writing unit with a group of students.  You introduce the script (unit of study), everyone works hard on their writing (rehearsals), and the time comes for a grand performance in order to share with everyone the fruits of their labor (publishing celebration).  When we share student writing with other classes, we inspire them to achieve.

So, take a bow, and continue to inspire the writers before you!


3 thoughts on “Jungle Book

  1. I love your analogy. Writing is often done only for yourself – but often it is a rehearsal of thoughts and ideas that you are trying on for the moment. Thanks for sharing your slice. Congrats on the play.

  2. I, too, admire your analogies, not only in this post, but throughout your slices, for example The Giving Tree comparison in Old Friends.

    Are you familiar with Rick Wormeli’s book Metaphors and Analogies: Power Tools for Teaching Any Subject? It seems like a good fit with the way you already think.

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