Message Wall

My daughter (9 years old) has been immersed in Writer’s Workshop from the time she could hold a pencil.  I have always provided sheets of paper stapled together, let her choose new writing books whenever we were in the book aisle of a store, and I always let her write alongside me while I did my own work.  She would always want to share her work with the rest of the family audience and we would post them all over the refrigerator.  Once she began school, she enjoyed the writing celebrations, the encouraging words from her peers, teachers, and the special notes the Principal would write telling her how much she enjoyed specific writing strategies she had demonstrated.  (They are still on our refrigerator).  She has a dresser drawer full of notebooks.  These notebooks are filled with small moments, songs she had written, poems, sketches, lists, letters, and messages.

Lately she has begun to print riddles, schedules, poems, and letters on the home computer and post them on a wall in the family room.  It has become her personal message wall for everyone to see and enjoy.  She gets excited when friends and family members respond to the messages by writing answers or messages on them.  Even my son’s friends have left messages.

I know that the home-school connection has made a lasting impact on her to see herself as a writer.  I am on the lookout everyday to see if there is a new posting, and I am already thinking ahead to saving all of those postings and creating a book of her work.