Great Surprise

At the end of the school day yesterday, I was checking my mailbox one last time and I came across a yellow manila envelope.  When I opened it, I found invitations from three of my Kindergarten students from last year inviting me to their writing celebration.  It put a smile on my face!  I enjoy the energy of writing celebrations.  The invitations were beautifully decorated and one of the invitations said, “I would like to show you my wrighting.  It is much much much! beter.  And I would love you to see it.  And when you come, yo’ll see some of your straduges/strategies.”  How could I resist such an invitation.   So this morning, I worked my way to the room for the celebration and indulged in being read to and hearing how these first grade students had used their “straduges” and written some wonderful small moments.  I made copies of their books and brought them back to my room.  Tonight, I am writing a card to each of those writers to thank them for inviting me to the celebration, tell them how much I enjoyed their work, and remind them that they absolutely made my day sunny!  What a great way to begin my day.