Important Woman Interview

My daughter completed a project in which she had to interview an important woman in her life.  She chose to interview me for the project.  One of the questions she asked was, “What is your favorite school memory?”  I had a difficult time choosing one because there were quite a few, but it all came down to my Kindergarten memories of story time and reciting some of my favorite lines from the stories my teacher read to us.

My question for everyone today is, what is your favorite school memory?

6 thoughts on “Important Woman Interview

  1. My mom used to come and help with out elementary classes writing time. The teacher would have her take six or so students and go to the library and we would write. One exercise I remember was: if you were a bird where would you visit (fly to). The library was always a very special place in my elementary life and writing in the library felt extra cool. (yeah I was a nerd from the beginning)

  2. I thought about this on the way home! I think my favourite school memory comes from an incident that happened in grade 8. There was a “rock band” (a cover band consisting of teenagers) that came to our school and the high school, gave a concert, and then put on a really big show that evening. I grew up in a small town, so this was a really big deal. It was my first concert! I was dying to go with my friends to the concert that night! But after school, my younger sister locked me out of the house and I broke a window trying to get in. My dad said that if that was how rock music made us act, we were definitely not going to the concert. Needless to say, it was the event of the century and I missed it! And had to pay for the window of course. I was sure my life was over, and spent many years blaming my lame social life on my dad and that incident. Now it makes me laugh. A lot!

  3. You got me thinking and the first thing that popped into my head was 5th grade reading. My friends and I had finished the school basal readers up through the 7th grade text, so our teacher allowed us to produce a school newspaper. She gave us free reign, even allowing us to create a comic strip that was a take off on the then popular “Dallas.” (We called it “Sallad.”) It was very empowering for all of us and probably led us to be part of our high school publications staff. (which we all were, come to think of it!)

  4. Hmmm…. sadly, I didn’t not have very many fond memories of school until college. However, I have lots of great school-related memories there. My memories, whether positive or negative, all revolve around my teachers. In second grade, there was the teacher that got mad at me for being scared of Alice in Wonderland (still can’t watch it). Or, the third grade teacher that yelled at me for asking why his cheeks were red, innocently. The middle school biology teacher that told me I wouldn’t succeed in medicine, or out of state, because I wasn’t smart enough. But then, the first three professors I encountered in college were miracle workers. All they did was encourage me, validate me, believe in me, and give me a push here and there. They took time to teach me… not only in class, but one-on-one when I needed it. College was the first place where education became a comfortable space for me to exist in, which is why I became an educator. To provide children with something I never had. And, I LOVE it!

  5. I agree with you – that is a very difficult question to answer. I thoroughly loved every year of school. While there isn’t one, single moment that stands out among the rest, I always love moments that trigger school days memories.

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