The eyes of a poet

This weekend I noticed all of the beautiful blossoms that had begun to bloom on the trees in my area of Central New Jersey.  It always brings a smile to my face, not only because it tells me that winter is over, but it also reminds me of the poetry genre that is usually taught during this season.

I enjoy teaching poetry to young students because I am always amazed at how children naturally look at objects with the eyes of a poet.  There are trees with beautiful pink blossoms which every year children call the “cotton candy” or “bubblegum” trees.  Sunlight coming in through windows is called “blankets of sun” or “showers of sun”.  We always write the new names for objects under a picture and display them in our classroom.  Nature walks take a whole new meaning with the eyes of a poet.

Have you noticed bubblegum trees, rock candy trees, or little suns growing around you?  If you haven’t stopped to look at things like a young poet, have a go, take a child with you, and be inspired by their responses.

Would you be willing to respond with some of your noticings?