Looking for advice

Five years ago, I went back to teaching Kindergarten.  I really enjoy teaching writing to this age group because of their willingness to take risks with me.  I always begin the year launching the workshop but found that there is a gap for many children between launching and writing small moments.  After doing some research, I discovered that a good unit to teach is “Labels and Pattern books”.  I wanted to try this unit with my class but noticed a lack of material for this unit of study.

After a discussion with my principal, we decided to write our own lessons for this unit.  Over the past 2 yars, we drafted a manuscript that included pictures of student work, various ways to differentiate the lessons, a book list, and a write up of each lesson according to each component of the workshop model.

Many of the Kindergarten teachers in our district have implemented this unit and have told us about its success in their classrooms.

We have tried to have this unit published but have been told that it is too narrow because it only addresses one grade.

I am asking for advice from my SOLC friends.  Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this unit published?  I would really appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Looking for advice

  1. I think Scholastic often publishes shorter guides/units like this. I don’t know anyone in the educational publishing department there, but I’m sure you can get the name of a contact if you do some digging.

    Good luck!

  2. They are writing well enough to complete a unit of study in the fall of kindergarten? I’m impressed. The k’s in my area seem to arrive with very few literacy skills.

  3. I was figuring that Stacey or Ruth would have some good, concrete advice. I can only offer some applause for demanding more from your kids and getting it

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