Forgetting the list

Last Friday, I had created a list of things I wanted to accomplish by the end of the long weekend.  The list included cleaning out my pantry, sorting out school stuff in my garage, printing pictures from my disk, and helping my daughter create campaign posters (she decided to run for Student Congress and won the primaries).  On Saturday all of my plans changed as I decided to catch up on my quest to watch old movies. Oh, I did clean out my pantry but it took longer than I had expected because I only worked during commercials.  On Sunday I hosted a last minute barbeque for some family members and by Monday I knew that the rest of my list would have to wait until summer.  The sun was so inviting that the only thing I could do was to give in to its calling.  I swam for a little while, and spent the rest of the afternoon wrapped in its warm embrace while being rocked to sleep on a hammock.  List, what list?

3 thoughts on “Forgetting the list

  1. Hammock… oh that sounds good. We need to get one of those around here! (Though I don’t know if I’d use it considering all of the bees and wasps that have been making our backyard home.)

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