Return from Camp

Last week I wrote about my daughter going away to camp for the first time and the feelings for me that surrounded that moment in her life.  Many of you told me that it would be a good experience for her and that she would be home before I knew it.  Well, everyone was right!

She came home with so many stories about all the activities at the camp.  She had a great time and has already told me she wants to go back next year.  The camp gave each camper a photo album with pictures of them involved in all of the activities (from their arrival to all the water sports).  It was great for me to see all of the pictures and see her in action.  As soon as she got up to her room, she began writing about all of her adventures.  She told me she is saving the writing and the pictures to share when school begins. 

It was wonderful for me to see her refer back to writing and how excited she was about getting all of the memories on paper.  Now, I have the laundry and the ant colony in her bag to contend with!


Today I took my daughter to camp.  This will be her first experience at any sleep-away camp.  She will return on the weekend, but I already miss her.  It was hard to say goodbye and even harder for my husband.  He wanted to check up on her even before we left the campgrounds.  I am afraid that this will be a VERY long week at home.  Letting go is hard!

The Summer Sleds

There are many times when we hear how we should have the same expectations for both boys and girls.  We want them to have similar thinking and similar results, but we tend to forget that boys and girls are just different.  They think different.  They act different.  You get different results from each of them.

Last weekend my daughter and nephew, both 10 years old, decided that it would be fun to go sliding down a hill.  They wanted to make cardboard sleds.   They each found long pieces of cardboard and began building their “sleds”.  After 20 minutes, my nephew was sliding down the hill and my daughter was still working on her sled.  It wasn’t until another 15 minutes passed that she joined him in the fun.  To those of us around, it seemed that my daughter was taking too long to complete her project.  Upon looking at the completed sleds, my nephew taped his cardboard pieces together and began to play.  My daughter had also taped her cardboard pieces together, but what took so long for her to join was the fact that she began to decorate the sled!  She taped some gravel to the outside of it as a decorative design and she taped an empty packing tape roll on the inside, because she wanted a cupholder!  If I can ever figure out how to add pictures to my blog, I will add them.  Maybe someone can help me.

We can have the same expectations, but boys and girls will always see things from their very special perspective.