I work in New Jersey and many parents are asking for suggestions on how they can help their child prepare for the NJASK exam, especially because they understand that schools are judged and rated by student scores.

Has anyone else had similar requests from parents?  If so, how has your school addressed this request?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Just have a conversation

As an Instructional Support Teacher, I have the privilege of going into different classrooms and working with small groups of students.  I went into a second grade classroom to support a teacher who was teaching a lesson on using a strong emotion in a small moment piece of writing.

As the students went back to their seats, the teacher asked me to work with X because X was having  diffuculty getting started and putting anything on paper.  I pulled X to the rug with me and we began to have a conversation.  X told me about his new karate belt and how he was so nervous before the test that he felt like he had a nervous rocket waiting to explode.  When I asked him if the rocket exploded, he laughed and told me that he passed the test and the rocket turned off.  Wow!

When I looked at his writing attempts on using a strong emotion, he tried to began his story with, “one day…”.  After our conversation, I said ,”X do you think you can write what you just told me in our conversation?”  His eyes lit up and he began to write, and write, and write, until he filled an entire page.  His teacher couldn’t believe her eyes or ears. 

When she asked me what I did, I simply said, “we had a conversation.” 

 I can’t wait to see what X does tomorrow!