A few weeks ago I told you about a second grade class that was about to celebrate their writing and I titled the post, “icelebrations”.  Here is what happened the next day…

There was a sense of excitement in the air.  The boys and girls couldn’t wait to read their writing to their new internet friends.     The school Tech coordinators were testing all of the laptops, making sure the connections were ready for the students.  The students counted down the minutes until the celebration.  Finally, the moment arrived as the first students sat in front of their laptops, put on their headsets, and met their friends.  It was amazing to see how straight they sat, how much care they took to make sure their friend could see the illustrations, and how they relished the compliments given about their work.

The mood was contagious as every adult in the room grinned from ear to ear.  It was amazing to see the attentiveness of the students, the thumbs-up from partners, and the smiles that never ceased.

There were many people that asked if it was a lot of work to coordinate the writing lessons and schedules between the two buildings.  Yes, there was a lot of collaboration that took place, but when you saw the smiles, felt the excitement in the air, their desire to write something new and ask, “can we do this again?” it is worth every second of planning!  They are already planning their next  celebration and I can’t wait.


I have been helping a second grade class work on small moments.  They have completed the unit  and are preparing for their celebration tomorrow morning.  The celebration is going to be unique because they will share their writing with a buddy class from another school within the district via the iChat program.  The students are incredibly excited!  They have practiced reading their piece of writing in front of a computer screen.  Some of the students found it difficult to read to a blank monitor, so I drew pictures of different colored smiling faces on blank paper and taped them to the monitors.  They were so amused at the faces, that now they want to read to each of the monitors.

I wanted to share this with you in case you are looking for something new to try for a writing celebration.