Someone notices what you do!

This school year has presented itself with many challenges that I know are echoed throughout every other school.  It is a season in which education is under tight scrutiny and every time you see or read something about education, you are left feeling disheartened.  Doesn’t anyone see everything we do? Doesn’t anyone appreciate all we do for our students?

This week, in our weekly newsletter, came this message and poem written by our Principal:

Since Monday is Valentine’s day, I’ve written a valentine of my own of sorts
for all of you.  With all of our busy days, I want you to know how much I
appreciate you.

Have a great weekend!

For my staff
By Jodi Mahoney

I notice when you
Flip, flex and flop
your schedules, your meetings, your assignments.

I notice when you
Shift, modify and adjust
to meet district needs, school needs, parent needs & student needs.

I notice when you
Step up, step back, step in and step out
to assist, to aid, to regroup and to lead.

I notice when you
Do more, so much more
With so much less (support, time, resources).

I notice when you
Ask questions
to clarify, push thinking, address an issue or suggest an idea.

I notice when you
Give all you have and then some
In order to make our school
The best it can be
For ourselves, our students, our families and our community.

For all of that,
I notice
I thank you.

After I read this, I decided that this weekend I am writing Valentine’s Day cards for each one of my students and I will let them know how much I appreciate working with them.

8 thoughts on “Someone notices what you do!

  1. Sometimes that is all we need — someone to stop and notice. It does make you feel good. Now, today is a new day for someone else to take notice – even if it’s yourself noticing that you make a difference! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So much of how I feel about my work is based on how I feel I am being perceived by others. When sincere praise comes along, it goes a long way!

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