The Busy Week

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 31

The Busy Week

It has been a crazy week, and it’s still Thursday. 

So tired.

Long evenings.

Running back and forth.

Dinner on the run and in the car.

Is my homework done?

Looking forward to the weekend.

Still… a productive week.

The Coins

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 30

The Coins

As a little girl I was introduced to the world of coin collecting by my father.   He has always collected coins.  I can recall all those evenings when he would painstakingly search through jars of coins, always looking for “the right ones” to add to his coin folders or individual sleeves.  I would always help him search through the pennies, like I was on a treasure hunt, hoping to be the one to find the coins he was in search of.   It was a treat when he would take them out and share some of their backgrounds, origins, and why they were items that should be collected. 

Once when I was in the fourth grade, I found a half-dollar and  immediately took it to him.  After telling me some of the pertinent information about the half-dollars, he advised me to put it in a safe place.  I did.  I still have that coin as well as the others I’ve collected over the years.  To this day, whenever I see a half-dollar, I become that little girl and still take it to my dad.  He still takes a look at it and tells me to put it away.  Each one of those coins is a memory I cherish.

Learning Communities

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 28

Learning Communities

Tonight I will sit in a classroom and listen to an instructor discuss Professional Learning Communities(PLC’s) and how they should be incorporated into our school environments.

This slicing challenge has been part of my own PLC for the past month.  I look forward to reading as many blogs as I can, when my schedule allows, and I enjoy the responses to my own blogs.  I have valued being part of an extended community that allows for expression, experimentation, and exhortation.

As we are beginning to wind down this month long challenge, I hope that everyone will continue to blog on the weekly Tuesday challenge.  I hope to continue reading wonderful from my extended learning community.


Slice of Life Challenge: Day 27

The Nailpolish

My daughter asked me to paint her nails but couldn’t decide what she wanted.

purple ,pink


which one do I want to to?

stripes, dots

stars, hearts

I don’t know where to start.

The details

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 26

The Details

I am very fortunate to have a husband who is very supportive of everything I do.  He understands how busy my day can be and he always begins the day by asking me if there is anything I need/want him to do while I’m at work.  While other people may want a chef a home, I want(and have) someone who will take care of all the other details such as: laundry, cleaning, and running errands.  I don’t always ask him to take care of these things, but it’s nice to know how supportive and willing he is to take care of the details. 


The Perfect Recipe

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 25

The Perfect Recipe

Last weekend I had a dinner party for some friends and I spent a good part of the weekend looking for the right recipes for them to enjoy.  I found the recipes but changed a few ingredients and made it my own.  I planned and prepared, decorated and wondered if everyone would enjoy the meal. 

Everyone enjoyed the meal and even had seconds.  No one left the table as we enjoyed conversations, memories, and a few good laughs.  Time went by quickly and before long it was time for everyone to go home.  Some went home with extra food for the next day(I always make too much) and we all agreed to meet again.

I have always felt that teaching writing is like finding a good recipe and making it your own.  You know your writers (guests) and what they enjoy.  You can find general recipes but it’s the personal changes you make to them that appeal to their tastes.  You can enjoy good conversations, maybe a few laughs, and before you know it, your time will end but you will all agree to meet again.  When you add the right ingredients, you leave them wanting more and even taking some home to enjoy later.

If you need a smile…

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 24

The Same T.V.

At the end of the day, two first graders were excited to tell me that they both have the same T.V’s.  When I asked how they knew they had the same T.V’s they informed me that they can see the same programs on their T.V’s.

If you can watch the same program, then you have the same T.V.  You have to love the logic behind their thinking.  Enjoy!

The Wonder of Technology

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 23

The Wonder of Technology

It is amazing how times have changed.  As I have been looking over the various daily slices, I have been so impressed with the slices posted by students.  I can remember when publishing a student’s work consisted primarily of photocopying the writing.  Now students can receive imput from a worldwide audience.  My hat goes off to everyone who is incorporating the web as part of the publishing process.

My Faithful Pal

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 22

My Faithful Pal

No matter how my day is going or how I am feeling, there is one thing I can count on…my little dog.  She is always there to greet me and make me feel better.  She is the constant shadow and companion who can make me forget about everything else when she begins to bark with excitement because I “mommy” am home and shakes her tail until I put everything down and pick her up.  She is definitely my pal.

Growing Up

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 21

Growing Up

“Mommy, can I throw these away?”

“Why, don’t you play with them?”

“No. I don’t play with them anymore.

“Are you sure?”


“All of them?”

“Well, maybe I’ll hold onto one or two of them.”

My heart sank as she began to throw away her Barbie dolls.  They had been collected and played with for the last 10 years.  They showed the wear and tear of all those years; the frazzled hair, the mixed-up outfits, the missing shoes were all evidence of a girl loving her dolls.   I fought back the urge(and some tears) to take them out of the trash and put them back in their baskets and on the shelves.  Was I trying to hold on to the memories of a little girl, was I not realizing that she is becoming a pre-teen(just writing this hurts), or was I having a Toy Story 3 moment wondering what the toys were thinking about being put in a trash bag?

I was forced to face the reality that she is growing up and her room is beginning to reflect that change.  I always thought I would deal with that reality better than my husband, but I learned that I am not as ready as I thought to watch my youngest, and only girl, grow up.  Ouch!