A different type of small moment

Slice of Slice Challenge: Day 4

A different type of small moment

Over the past year I have noticed that my 19 year old has taken an interest in photography.  I myself have always enjoyed taking pictures since I was in Middle School.  I caught the photography bug when I was exposed to the developing process and found it to be magical.  Now my son, who never cared about taking pictures, has begun to develop an interesting eye for the craft.  His pictures always cause me take a different look at things.  They are unexpected shots of unusual items such as clusters of shells or rocks on the wet sand and reflections in bodies of water (just to name a few).  Just recently while on a weekend trip to Florida, I found him climbing into trees because he wanted a certain angle for his pictures.  I worried that he might get hurt but when I saw the results, I suggested he go a little higher in the trees.

When I look at his pictures, it’s like looking at visual small moments that have been captured.  As an encouraging mom/teacher I have decided to begin creating a gallery of his work at home.  I think I will make it a surprise for his birthday.  I guess you can call it my own version of a publishing party.