The Book Lady

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 6

The Book Lady

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a four year old girl who had never owned a book of her own or really had anyone read aloud to her.  I was so moved by her story that I filled a bag with books and paid a visit.  I introduced myself and told her that I had a gift for her.  She immediately asked me to sit next to her in the living room and began to pull out all of the books I had packed in the bag.  One by one I introduced each of the books and began reading them to her.  Her eyes lit up as I introduced her to the amazing and magical world of read-alouds.  When I was done, she wanted me to read them again but I couldn’t stay longer.  I promised her I would return and read some more. 

I went back this week and asked her if she remembered me.  Her eyes opened wide and she immediately announced, “you’re the book lady”.  Of course I gave her a new bag of books, and yes, I read some of them.  I am now enjoying my new role as “the book lady”.


3 thoughts on “The Book Lady

  1. Such a powerful impact you have had already and will continue to have on this little one! “The book lady” is certainly a title as special as “grandma” or “auntie.” I sense very special relationships growing here: between the two of you and between this child and books. 🙂

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