Poetic Fun

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 10

Poetic Fun

Today I was in the mood (maybe because of the soggy weather) to have a little poetic fun.  I enlisted the help of some young students and this is the result.


Rainy Day Song (to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle”)

Drip-drop, raindrops

on the ground.

Drip-drop, raindrops

all around.
Drip-drop, raindrops

in my hair

on my shoes and EVERYWHERE.

Drip-drop, raindrops

all around

Raindrops, I just love your sound.



4 thoughts on “Poetic Fun

  1. Oh I love it! Poetry is my niche and I love seeing what others can create that goes beyond the stereotypical rhyme. Absolutely love the repetition – aides in creating the rhythm. Awesome!

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