I almost missed the signs

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 12

I almost missed the signs

I was heading out the door in a rush this morning with a million things racing through my mind.  Will I have enough time to complete my to-do list, do I have enough time to grab a cup of coffee, did I remember to bring my laptop charger, etc. 

As I opened the door I froze because there standing on my front lawn looking up at me(as if it had been waiting) was a robin.  Was this the first robin of the season?  Had I not noticed them before today?  I stopped to watch it hop around the grass as it searched for food.  As it searched, I began to look around me and I realized that the trees by my house were filled with ruby red buds, my daffodils and tulips were sprouting, and new blades of grass were beginning to grow.

I had not realized that the signs of spring were everywhere because I was too busy with “stuff” to notice them.  This robin caused me to stop, slow down, and open my eyes to look at my surroundings.  I think I will cut out some items from my list and take some time to enjoy the view in my backyard.

Thank you little robin!