Competition Team

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 14

Competition Team

This is the third year my daughter is participating in a competition dance team.  Yesterday they participated in the first out of four competitions for the season.  They were all nervous but knew they had practiced and learned their routine well.  The time came for them to dance before the judges and all of us parents were sitting on the edges of our seats(you would have thought we were joining them on stage).  Half-way through the routine something went wrong and several of the girls didn’t complete the routine.  As soon as they were finished, our entire row stood and walked to the dressing room with anticipation of having to dry tears.  Much to our surprise, the girls were fine because their teacher was quick to tell them all of the good things they had done.  Her words were like a healing balm and all of the smiles returned to their faces.  The power of a teacher’s words should never be underestimated. 

I was so proud of the team that I surpised them today with a special snack during their rehearsal.  By the way, in spite of everything, they took home a lot of awards and are looking forward to the next  competition.


4 thoughts on “Competition Team

  1. My daughter danced for years. In fact, she is studying dance and musical theater in college. I still sit on the edge of my seat watching performances. When things don’t go well, it is hard to know what to say. Glad your daughter’s teacher handled it as a learning experience and not a time to criticize.

  2. You and the other parents must have had your heart in your throat as you felt the pain of your children. It must have been a great relief to hear their teacher encouraging them and building on their successes. What a great observation to share.

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