Shopping in mom’s kitchen

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 16

Shopping in mom’s kitchen

Growing up my younger sister and I would play a game we called “shopping”.   We would go into the kitchen, sit on the kitchen counter, and pretend we were shopping in the supermarket.  We would practically empty out the cabinets and then place the items on the counter for check-out.  We would argue (strongly discuss) over who would be the cashier and since I was the bossy older sister, I would always be the cashier.

We especially loved playing that game whenever my parents returned from grocery shopping.  The possibilities were endless.  I could buy all of my favorite desserts, she could get the cans, and we would always fight for the jello.

The only problem with the game was when mom had enough of our mess and asked us to clean up because we could never return everything to the correct places.  In retrospect, maybe we should have also played “stocking the shelves of the market.”

All these years later(over 30) we still laugh and go through mom’s kitchen cabinets when we go over to her house, but now we can put things back where they belong.