Staff Traditions

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 17

Staff Traditions

During my years of teaching, I have worked with teachers who would just arrive to do their jobs and check out at the end of the day.  Many of them never made those connections with others members of the school and they never really celebrated anything together other than the end of the school year.

I am fortunate to work in a community that values time together.  We have weekly breakfast’s and it seems that a month doesn’t go by without a celebration of some form or other.  It has become a tradition to have all of these celebrations and we always look forward to them.  Today we are having a staff lunch in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone signs up to bring something to share with the rest of the staff and there is a connection everyone makes while sitting around the tables and enjoying all of the shared dishes.  It’s very cool.

Are there any school traditions your staff values?  Maybe we can begin a list that may inspire other schools?


6 thoughts on “Staff Traditions

  1. These traditions are wonderful and always involve delicious FOOD!
    Ours include: TGIF breakfast, Valentine’s day breakfast, Wine and Cheese Events (outside of school), St. Patrick’s Day Soup Luncheon

  2. In Mexico, we treat ourselves to a restaurant meal on Teacher’ Day, which is celebrate here on May 15. Usually it’s the institution which foots the bill, being there so many private centers here in Mexico. We have great food, tequilla for those who like it, and dancing to live music. Its a great party.

  3. I love this idea of a school family. I have been in various schools and have seen similar situations – clock in and clock out. My heart is sad to see this happen. The school I am currently at is different. They have carry-ins for various holidays and everyone pitches in to make the event the best. I still think we have some who aren’t as willing as others, but it still happens and that’s the point. I like the idea of creating a list. Lists can be inspiring.

  4. I love when your work community becomes a family and cherished part of your life. My school does a TGI Friday breakfast, holiday goodies, and the PTA throws a HUGE feast for us the whole week of teacher’s day. We all support and feed each other. 😉 there is also a quilting group and a group who go to musicals together.

  5. It’s wonderful to hear that you do get together; it is what makes people inspired, & supported. I wrote about our school’s Thursday breakfasts in an earlier slice, but some also meet on Fridays at a nearby restaurant for a snack & a beer or beverage, parents feed us on conference days, & we have different kinds of staff celebrations during the year at some holidays & both the beginning & end of the year-to say hello & goodbye. It’s a great place to work when people share their personal and their teacher lives.

  6. I always wanted to a part of a real school community. I had a theater team of teachers collaborating and we have that at our writing project, but even within our English Department, there was nothing that came close to a community…
    Oh well.. you look elsewhere to find what you need.

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