Pandora’s Box

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 18

Pandora’s Box

Today was an unusally warm day.   It inspired the opening of windows throughout my home and ushered the first signs of spring into each room.  As the breeze rushed throughout the house, I was filled with the urge to begin spring cleaning.  It sounded and felt like a great idea.  I was truly inspired.  I began emptying closets, sorting my daughter’s clothes, and began moving furniture.

Now, five hours later, the sun has set, the breeze is no longer blowing and I am no longer inspired.  I now find myself in the midst of a MESS!  What I thought was a great idea now feels like a pandora’s box.  I now face the task of trying to complete my wonderful ideas tomorrow. 

Well, time to rest and prepare for the completion of my tasks.  Good Night!


One thought on “Pandora’s Box

  1. All I can say is “oops”. I imagine you will feel great when it’s all cleaned
    up & out, but I know what you mean. I start a task & don’t realize it
    might be quite a long day or days to finish. You told us a life lesson, really.

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