Growing Up

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 21

Growing Up

“Mommy, can I throw these away?”

“Why, don’t you play with them?”

“No. I don’t play with them anymore.

“Are you sure?”


“All of them?”

“Well, maybe I’ll hold onto one or two of them.”

My heart sank as she began to throw away her Barbie dolls.  They had been collected and played with for the last 10 years.  They showed the wear and tear of all those years; the frazzled hair, the mixed-up outfits, the missing shoes were all evidence of a girl loving her dolls.   I fought back the urge(and some tears) to take them out of the trash and put them back in their baskets and on the shelves.  Was I trying to hold on to the memories of a little girl, was I not realizing that she is becoming a pre-teen(just writing this hurts), or was I having a Toy Story 3 moment wondering what the toys were thinking about being put in a trash bag?

I was forced to face the reality that she is growing up and her room is beginning to reflect that change.  I always thought I would deal with that reality better than my husband, but I learned that I am not as ready as I thought to watch my youngest, and only girl, grow up.  Ouch!

8 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. It is hard to adjust to the changes of life. Watching a child grow and bloom has got to be one of the hardest experiences in life. They no longer need us at a certain point as much as we may still need them. They don’t rely on us as much about making decisions or learning how to do something as much as we’d think they should. We’ve been given a heart to love others and when the time is right, to let those we love take flight so other things can fill our hearts. They never completely go away from us, they just travel with intermittent flights home now and again.

  2. Lovely post. Your questioning is so real. As our children grow, I keep holding on to moments. They change so fast. So glad you are writing. It helps some, but there are times I sneak in at night to just gaze at them, remembering.

  3. It is very hard to see your baby grow up. (I sobbed during Toy Story 3). Your slice captured the heart-wrenching ambivalence that you experience.

  4. You should save them for your possible grand-daughter down the road. Then you don’t have to part with those memories. What a sad moment…very Toy Story 3.

  5. It is hard to change hats, from a ‘mommy’ to a ‘mom’, seemingly overnight. I do think Toy Story has influenced us, & the fact that my grown daughter (already a mother) is convinced her stuffed animals talked to her when she was growing up. You wrote the words well, & I love your question about holding on. Guess it’s what we all do.

  6. Oh…the Barbies….Yes, that is a hard one. And the Fisher Price Little People–how I hated to see them go.
    Beautifully captured bit of growing up as a parent here.

  7. My mom put all our Barbies and Kens into a cardboard box in the basement, naked.
    She swears they propagated because there were so many when I pulled them out for my daughter.
    I wonder where they are now
    and what they are doing
    no, maybe not.

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