If you need a smile…

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 24

The Same T.V.

At the end of the day, two first graders were excited to tell me that they both have the same T.V’s.  When I asked how they knew they had the same T.V’s they informed me that they can see the same programs on their T.V’s.

If you can watch the same program, then you have the same T.V.  You have to love the logic behind their thinking.  Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “If you need a smile…

  1. Thanks for inviting me to read your post with such a fun title. Great story, it goes well with my own post. We were sitting around during our staff meeting, hollering over all the funny things kids say. 🙂

  2. This made me smile–my first graders think this way also and I love when they come to tell me their great insights. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the smile! I love this! I’m a middle school teacher, but I enjoy all ages! I have one for you, students were taking a test and the answer to the question, what is plasmid? (this was science test) A high definition television. Happy slicing! 🙂 Have a great weekend. Enjoy your students tomorrow.

  4. Oh, I’m laughing. I work mainly with kinder and first graders. They say the cutest things. I posted about a comment a second grader said today. Love the laughs. Thanks for sharing. What logic.

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