The Perfect Recipe

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 25

The Perfect Recipe

Last weekend I had a dinner party for some friends and I spent a good part of the weekend looking for the right recipes for them to enjoy.  I found the recipes but changed a few ingredients and made it my own.  I planned and prepared, decorated and wondered if everyone would enjoy the meal. 

Everyone enjoyed the meal and even had seconds.  No one left the table as we enjoyed conversations, memories, and a few good laughs.  Time went by quickly and before long it was time for everyone to go home.  Some went home with extra food for the next day(I always make too much) and we all agreed to meet again.

I have always felt that teaching writing is like finding a good recipe and making it your own.  You know your writers (guests) and what they enjoy.  You can find general recipes but it’s the personal changes you make to them that appeal to their tastes.  You can enjoy good conversations, maybe a few laughs, and before you know it, your time will end but you will all agree to meet again.  When you add the right ingredients, you leave them wanting more and even taking some home to enjoy later.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Recipe

  1. What a great analogy. I think I could create a lesson from it for my students. Bringing in a recipe that they could ‘revise’ would make it their own, just as I want them to do in their writing. Thanks for the details; it works for me! And what a lovely time you must have had with your friends.

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