Learning Communities

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 28

Learning Communities

Tonight I will sit in a classroom and listen to an instructor discuss Professional Learning Communities(PLC’s) and how they should be incorporated into our school environments.

This slicing challenge has been part of my own PLC for the past month.  I look forward to reading as many blogs as I can, when my schedule allows, and I enjoy the responses to my own blogs.  I have valued being part of an extended community that allows for expression, experimentation, and exhortation.

As we are beginning to wind down this month long challenge, I hope that everyone will continue to blog on the weekly Tuesday challenge.  I hope to continue reading wonderful from my extended learning community.

3 thoughts on “Learning Communities

  1. Will you share about this experience with others? I hope to continue on Tuesdays, but it won’t be quite the same. I also hope to write more, maybe not every day, but more on my blog, exploring teaching practices & figuring out new approaches to writing. Hope to see you there.

    • I too will miss the community! I have truly enjoyed this! I wish I had tried this before. I plan to write on the Slice of Life Tuesdays now that I know what this is about! I took on the monthly challenge because Ruth is our coach and she had challenged us before but I never did it for the Tues. Thsi is wonderful. I would like to know too about what comes out of your experience wiht the course you are taking. Please share it here. Thanks for sharing! Happy slicing! 🙂

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