The Coins

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 30

The Coins

As a little girl I was introduced to the world of coin collecting by my father.   He has always collected coins.  I can recall all those evenings when he would painstakingly search through jars of coins, always looking for “the right ones” to add to his coin folders or individual sleeves.  I would always help him search through the pennies, like I was on a treasure hunt, hoping to be the one to find the coins he was in search of.   It was a treat when he would take them out and share some of their backgrounds, origins, and why they were items that should be collected. 

Once when I was in the fourth grade, I found a half-dollar and  immediately took it to him.  After telling me some of the pertinent information about the half-dollars, he advised me to put it in a safe place.  I did.  I still have that coin as well as the others I’ve collected over the years.  To this day, whenever I see a half-dollar, I become that little girl and still take it to my dad.  He still takes a look at it and tells me to put it away.  Each one of those coins is a memory I cherish.

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