The Busy Week

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 31

The Busy Week

It has been a crazy week, and it’s still Thursday. 

So tired.

Long evenings.

Running back and forth.

Dinner on the run and in the car.

Is my homework done?

Looking forward to the weekend.

Still… a productive week.

5 thoughts on “The Busy Week

  1. Boy, it does sound busy! I’m glad that you are looking forward to the weekend after feeling productive this week. I am too!

  2. Sounds like my weeks most of the time. That’s why I’ve cherished this week of Spring Break so much. But, I am starting to get a bit itchy. A sure sign that my mind and my body are recognizing that the break is coming to an end. But, I’m going to try really hard to make this feeling stretch out for the rest of the year.

  3. Mine’s been busy, and yet that kind of busy that makes me wonder what I’ve accomplished in all my busyness? I don’t know if that’s the kind of week you had. We are also one week after Spring Break and I think my brain is still lingering out there somewhere in La La Land. It’s pitiful. I hope it returns soon!

    Happy Slicing–see you next year!

  4. Your poem made me feel like busy can be a bit stressful but it can also feel good when you get a lot done. I haven’t had my spring break yet and I am really looking forward to some down time. Will you be slicing on Tuesdays? Hope so.

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