The Dandelion Picker

This past weekend I noticed how the warm weather has provided us with an abundance of bright yellow dandelions that give the illusion of grass with a severe case of yellow measles. 

These yearly measals always take me back to spring of second grade.  My mother would pick me up from school and we would begin our 2 block walk home.  It was only 2 blocks but I would manage to pick as many dandelions as my hands could carry.  I was so excited because they looked like little “suns” that I would thread through the button holes of my jacket, wear on my ears, and put in cups of water on the kitchen table. 

Now, years later, as the new crop of dandelions have invaded my backyard my daughter is the new dandelion picker in the family.  She now surprises me with cups of dandelions on my tables, in her room, in her jacket pockets and, yes,  my mother receives her cup of dandelions.

8 thoughts on “The Dandelion Picker

  1. I noticed the dandelions this weekend too. I love the description “yellow measles.” My thoughts were I hope they don’t end up in my yard.

  2. I love how this slice of life is infused with the memories of a past slice. I also appreciate how you brought this story full circle, sharing how your own daughter is the dandelion picker.

    Thank you,

  3. Great title. I love the line about dandelions described as yellow measles. I immediately started smiling. I loved the image of you threading them through button holes. Your writing has a lovely easy flow. Charming slice.

  4. Dandelions are so special because they’re bright and look so welcoming after all the white we’ve seen. They are perfect for little fingers, too. Bloggers are noticing the beauty of nature more these days–isn’t it great! Thanks for reminding me of those innocent times.

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