The Healing Balm

It was early Monday morning and my group of boys began to write.  The shuffling sound of papers was all you could hear until it happened…the unmistakable sound of sniffles.  It began as soft sounding sniffles and quickly grew to a heart-wrenching sob within a matter of seconds. What happened?  I immediately went over to find out the reason for the crying.  “T” began to show me his writing about a ride at the amusement park.  In between heartfelt sobs, he showed me the detailed sketch of his family and how he had labeled  each member.  When he pointed to his sister he let out a loud cry and told me how his sister was away at college and how much he missed her.

My curiosity quickly turned to empathy as I shared how my son is away at college and how much I miss him.

Once we connected over our sadness, he finished his writing and told me that he felt better.  I was amazed at how moved “T” had become due to his writing and how he was able to move on once it was written and shared.  It made me take another look at writing and how it helps heal the wounds and is good for the soul.