Change of Plans

“Are you ready?”

“Are you packed?”

“Where’s the dog?”

“Get the bags!”

“Do you have the keys?”

“Let’s go or we’ll hit traffic!”

“I forgot to get gas!”

“Do you have the reservation?”

“I’ve got it, let’s go!”

“Where’s the dog?”

“Don’t forget to set the alarm.”

“Come on, let’s go!!”


Drop off the kids.

Drop off the dog.

Leave the gift for the party.

Leave the name of the hotel.

On our way, through the traffic.

“I told you we should have left earlier!”

On our way, a getaway!

Many plans for just 2 days.


Checking in.


Finally, we can begin!

But wait…let me rest for just a minute.


A minute becomes two hours.

Now his stomach is feeling sour.

Oh, no!  Why today?

Neither one of us feels okay.


Forget the plans.

Forget the day.

We’ll stay in bed and sleep away.

Good-night for the next 2 days.

7 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Oh my, what a terrible thing. I guess to look at the best you can see, which is at least I hope you had good beds, no dog to have to care for, etc. Best wishes for next time!

  2. I love how you shared this. The poem-like quality, the dialogue, the rushed feeling of the lines. I am sorry your plans didn’t go the way you had planned, but sometimes our bodies force into what they need!

  3. The playful tone of your poem coupled with the “sour-events” shows how you must live life in a “roll-with-the-punches” manner. I’m envious of your ability to capture it all in a few words.
    Thanks for sharing,

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