Home for the Holidays

It is always around this time of year when we watch as loved ones come home for the holidays with all of the excitement and emotion of a Hallmark movie.  Well, yesterday was my turn to co-star in my very own holiday movie.  We had been counting the days, hurried to finish decorating the tree, rushed home from work, made sure everyone finished homework, and checked the flight status every half-hour to ensure no delays.

The usual 30 minute ride to the airport seemed like an eternity and I was upset that we had to park far (in my opinion) from the terminal entrance.  Finally, the time had arrived and as I waited at the gate, my daughter turned and asked, “you’re not going to cry, are you?”  (There is always a critic at every movie!) We watched as passengers began to stream from the gate, pass the onlookers, and proceed towards the baggage claim.

Finally we saw him!  We would have loved to run towards him(not in slow motion), but the TSA agents standing there like bouncers would have ended the movie in an instant.   My son is home from college for the Christmas break!  I didn’t cry, but as I hugged him, I savored the moment and was so grateful to have him home.  The experience gave me a new definition of what it means to come home for the holidays.  It felt like a well-written script and one I was happy to be a part of.