Thank You

SOLC Day 31: Thank You

I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has read, and/or commented any of my slices.  For me, writing the slices is very personal and I always feel like each slice that goes out into the electronic world, is a part of you that travels to the ends of the earth.

Thank you Ruth and Stacey for challenging and encouraging us every step of the way.  This is my third year participating and I have seen the challenge become a larger event each March.

At the beginning of this challenge I set a goal to write each day, and although I may have missed a couple of days, I know (as I tell my students) that my writing muscles have grown.


SOLC Day 30: Friday

Things I like about Fridays


The end of a long work week.

Knowing you don’t have to set your alarm before bed.

Housework can wait.

We’ll eat out for dinner.

Enjoy an evening walk.

Stay up to watch TV.

Catch up with friends.

Family Time.

I really like Fridays!


All of the cars

SOLC Day 29:  All of the cars

Big cars,

little cars,

simple cars,

hot rod cars.


Birthday cars,

Christmas cars,

just because I love you cars.


Cars in pockets,

Cars in bins,

Cars in boxes,

Where else can I put them in?


Cars racing on tracks,

Cars jumping in the air,

Cars that wind through the rooms and stairs.


What started out 20 years ago,

has grown to a few hundreds or so.


Now they wait patiently in their garages

until their owner comes home from college.



SOLC Day 27: The Cereal Aisle

Growing up my sisters and I would go shopping with mom and as we entered the cereal aisle, we would plead for different varieties based on the freebies they contained.  Inevitably mom would give us to 2 or 3 choices, some of which, did not have the cool items we wanted.

Nowadays there aren’t too many cereal boxes with freebies, yet I have a cabinet in my kitchen that resembles a cereal aisle.  I am sort of embarassed to admit there are that many boxes in the cabinet, but with 5 people in a household and each having their specific couple of favorites, well…you do the math.  But, if you open my cabinet and look at them, they are in size order and facing the same direction (okay, maybe I have OCD issues).

My OCD issues may become another slice.

Once Upon a Time

SOLC Day 26:  All the characters in my life

Every Sunday evening, my daughter and I watch “Once Upon a Time” which is a TV program about fairy tale characters stuck in a modern day town.  Part of the fun watching this program is figuring out how each fairy tale character is represented by the town’s people.

While watching last night’s episode I began to create a mental list of many people I know and which fairy tale characters I thought they would represent.  It wasn’t too difficult to name the wicked witches throughout my life, or the fairy godmothers that helped me through situations.  I could even come up with names for the dwarfs, and of course, my prince.

Can you come up with a list of fairy tale characters in your life?

Which character would people say you are?

What’s for dinner?

SOLC Day 25: What’s for dinner?

“What’s for dinner?”

Sometimes it’s an easy answer.

Sometimes it  makes me want to scream.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to answer.

But tonight, let the kids decide what’s for dinner.

Their choice…pancakes!  That was easy!

Maybe I’ll ask them, “what’s for dinner?” tomorrow.

My Heart Aches

SOLC Day 24: My Heart Aches

Earlier today I received the news that a student from my school unexpectedly lost a parent.  My mind immediately began to wonder about he may be feeling, what would happen next, and what I can do to help. 

Just then I remembered a writing celebration he invited me to just a couple of months ago.  He was so excited for me to read his writing and see how much he had grown since he left my kindergarten class.  His story was about a family vacation.  As I sat there remembering how proud he was of his story, it struck me that his vacation story would not have additional chapters for his family.  My heart began to ache for this boy.  This story would now have new meaning and significance for him. 

When a tragedy like this occurs, you wonder what people, especially your children would remember about you.

-did you laugh with your children?

-did you tell them how much you love them?

-did you hug them?

-did you have time for them?

What is the legacy we are leaving?


SOLC Day 23: Frustration

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly expensive it is to purchase graduation pictures, which for the most part, you are giving away.  I just sat at my computer trying to figure out how and why I am paying $400 for pictures.  OUCH!

I must be crazy!!   

For all of that I am receiving (3) 8×10, (4) 5×7, (8) 4×5, and about 20 wallet pictures.  There are also some little wallets, which I don’t want but come with the package. 

If I ever decide to leave teaching, I may go back to photography!

The Phone Call

SOLC Day 22: The Call

I rushed home to check on the kids and try to rest for a half-hour before going back to school for conferences when my phone rang.  It was a surprising call from one of my closest friends from Middle School.  We had not spoken in over two years but she called to give me some news about one of our mutual friends who had suffered a loss. 

During our conversation we caught up with what our families are doing and we laughed as we talked about the craziness of our lives. 

It’s funny how even after two years, we could just chat as if it had only been two weeks since we last spoke. 

It was good to hear from her and hopefully we will get together soon.

The Frozen Treat?

SOLC Day 21: Chill Out!

In celebration of the first day of spring, I stocked up on ice cream.  Once I got home, of course, I wanted to put them in the freezer but when I opened the freezer door I came face to face with a frozen treat of sorts.

My daughter had put her shoes in the freezer!

Puzzled by the frozen surprise, I asked her to come down and explain her thinking.  Her answer was simply, “my feet were hot and I wanted to cool my shoes so they could cool my feet.”  She then took the shoes out of the freezer, put them on her feet, and walked away.

I began to wonder if Dr. Seuss would have added “Cool Feet” as a line to his classic, “The Foot Book”.

I am also a little worried about what I may find the next time I open the freezer.