It’s time for a souffle

SOLC Day 1: It’s Time for a Souffle!!

Today I left work early to pick up my son at the airport.  He is home for spring break, as well as, my mother’s birthday this weekend.  It never fails that whenever he comes home he waits (I mean requests) for me to make some of his favorite meals, which means…it’s time for me to take out the ramekins and make chocolate souffle.  I am always fearful about making this dessert because of all the possible pitfalls, but I have yet to fail at putting a smile on his face when he sees the dish come out of the oven steaming hot and I sprinkle powdered sugar over the top.  It’s a dessert that for all of us always brings back fond memories of summer vacations with the family. 

So, as I end my day, I have brought out the ramekins, dusted off my recipe card, and scheduled my baking time for this weekend.  We will enjoy the smells, the memories, and spend some time laughing and celebrating. 

He fell in love with this dessert while on a family cruise.