I wasn’t ready for this!

SOLC Day 3: I wasn’t ready for this!

After having two boys, one of the things I have enjoyed doing is shopping with my daughter.  I take her shopping and enjoy looking for cute girlie items and watch her develop her own sense of style.  

Today as we entered one of our usual children’s stores, I did not know, or expect, that it would be the last time she could look for anything to purchase.  Much to my shock, disappointment, and horror she no longer fit into any of the clothes in the store.  Had we actually reached that milestone?  I searched throughout the store for something…anything that might fit.  I think I scoured through every rack until she finally looked at me and uttered the words I dreaded to hear…”mom, I think I have outgrown this store.” 

My heart sank.  I was left speechless.  I wasn’t ready for this! 

Wait until daddy hears this!!


SOLC Day2: Accountability

Earlier today, a friend asked me if I had posted my slice for today.  I told her how I had not posted and wasn’t sure what I should write.  Instantly she was able to give me several suggestions and I felt equipped with ideas for the next few days.  It was like having a mini writing conference and it felt good. 

For those few moments I had someone who was holding me accountable because she knows me and knows that she can push me to meet expectations. 

I could have written about any of her suggestions (and I probably will during the month) but I want her to know how much I value and respect her input.  Her challenges are always my learning experiences. 

Thank you for always expecting more.