SOLC Day2: Accountability

Earlier today, a friend asked me if I had posted my slice for today.  I told her how I had not posted and wasn’t sure what I should write.  Instantly she was able to give me several suggestions and I felt equipped with ideas for the next few days.  It was like having a mini writing conference and it felt good. 

For those few moments I had someone who was holding me accountable because she knows me and knows that she can push me to meet expectations. 

I could have written about any of her suggestions (and I probably will during the month) but I want her to know how much I value and respect her input.  Her challenges are always my learning experiences. 

Thank you for always expecting more.

4 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. I’m glad this is the slice you captured. It is important we surround ourselves with others who nudge us as writers. This is the key to success.

  2. Accountability has become such a loaded word in education lately that it’s nice to see such a positive spin on it. You are lucky to have such a supportive friend!

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