I wasn’t ready for this!

SOLC Day 3: I wasn’t ready for this!

After having two boys, one of the things I have enjoyed doing is shopping with my daughter.  I take her shopping and enjoy looking for cute girlie items and watch her develop her own sense of style.  

Today as we entered one of our usual children’s stores, I did not know, or expect, that it would be the last time she could look for anything to purchase.  Much to my shock, disappointment, and horror she no longer fit into any of the clothes in the store.  Had we actually reached that milestone?  I searched throughout the store for something…anything that might fit.  I think I scoured through every rack until she finally looked at me and uttered the words I dreaded to hear…”mom, I think I have outgrown this store.” 

My heart sank.  I was left speechless.  I wasn’t ready for this! 

Wait until daddy hears this!!

3 thoughts on “I wasn’t ready for this!

  1. And then the dreaded words, “mom, I wouldn’t be caught dead in that….” Oh well, I have to say, 10 years after outgrowing the children’s store, it has become fun to shop with my daughter again! Dad’s are never ready….

  2. Such a sad and happy milestone! We want them to grow up, but we are sad when they do. It’s one of those times when we aren’t sure which feeling to hold on to…proud they are growing up so well, sad they are growing up so fast.

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