Stories behind the flowers

SOLC Day 6: Which flower?

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday and after work I went out looking for flowers to take over to her house.  As I looked at all of the arrangements, I found myself taking in all of the aromas: sweet, strong, delicate, and exotic.  It was like walking through a garden filled with spectacular color schemes and scents.  I usually purchase arrangements containing Iris’s to match her middle name, but there were none to be found.  What was I going to do? I began to search for flowers that matched her personality and personal history.

Once I changed my search criteria, I began to look at the flowers with new eyes and could name a person for each arrangement.  I finally decided on a floral arrangement containing “small moment” flowers from my mother’s life.

It was a perfect fit.  When she received the flowers, not only did they bring my mother joy but we were all able to enjoy the stories behind each flower.