The best place to recover

SOLC Day 7:

Growing up I can remember the times I was sick and only wanting two things: a coloring book and to sleep in my mother’s bed (specifically her side).  My mother never failed to buy a new pack of crayons and the latest variety of coloring books from our local store.  I loved the way her pillow felt and smelled.  It seemed as if it was the softest and most soothing pillow in the house.  Her blankets seemed to hug me and keep me warmer than my own blankets and it seemed that her bed had magical, soothing properties that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

I am reminded of that today because my daughter is home sick today with daddy watching over her.  I decided to check on her at lunchtime and when I stopped by, sure enough, she was in my bed (my side, of course) sleeping with the dog and several other stuffed animals.  I am sure that she will feel better faster sleeping in my bed.  Isn’t that what a mom’s bed is for?  Maybe I should pick up coloring books on the way home! I will share them with her.


5 thoughts on “The best place to recover

  1. By all means pick up coloring books! My mom always picked up those thick activity books with lots of puzzles and coloring to do. I absolutely loved them.
    I don’t think I ever got to lie in her bed when I was sick, but I think I would have gotten better faster if I had. Lovely post, and I hope your daughter is feeling better very soon! The coloring book should help!

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