Date Night

SOLC Day 8: Date Night

This summer I will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.  Our relationship started, as most people, with a date that is still vivid in both our minds.  During all these years we have always made a point of spending some time alone on dates. 

This evening we laughed because we realized that our dates have taken a new twist.  They have become more spontaneous, we find ourselves on these dates at unusual times of the day, for varied amounts of time, and yes, we still enjoy each others company. 

Where do these amazing dates take place?  The local supermarket.  It seems that most days our only time alone is at the supermarket.  We can stroll through the produce aisle, pick up dessert in the bakery section and I can even receive a bouquet of flowers from the floral department.

Our dates have drastically changed.  My post is late today because I just returned from another date.  We have caught up with the day’s events and made plans for tomorrow.  I guess I will wait to enjoy another date the next time we need another loaf of bread and gallon of milk.