I thought it was trash

SOLC Day 11: I thought it was trash

Yesterday as my husband drove I had began to collect the growing number of little wrappers and receipts that were cluttered around the door panels and coin compartment in order to throw them into a garbage bag that was in the car.  As I collected the items I came across a faded parking permit  (the type you leave on your dashboard) from a trip to Disneyworld several years ago.  Aside from being shocked that it was still in the car, I held it up and showed the kids what I had found. 

Immediately the three of them began to remember some of the shows, rides, the hurricane we experienced, and the long, long, long drive down I-95.  As the stories were in progress, I began to place the permit in the garbage bag and my daughter asked me not to throw it out.  Surprised by the request, my response was, “why shouldn’t I throw it out, it’s so old and faded?”  Her response to me was that there were a lot of memories in that permit and therefore, we couldn’t throw it away.

So, if you look in the passenger side door panel, there you will STILL find an old faded parking permit that holds a lot of memories.