The “F” word

SOLC Day: 12 The “F” word


Here is a conversation between myself and another student.  Enjoy!!


J was sitting across from me trying to do his work but noticeably uncomfortable about his pants pressing against his stomach.

“J, is the button from your pants bothering you?”

“Yes, they are hurting me a lot.” (He doesn’t look up at me)

“Would  you like to  open the button so it doesn’t hurt?”

“Okay” (Still not looking at me)

“Make sure to let your father know that your pants are fitting you a little tight.”

J lifts his head, looks to the left and then to the right, leans over the table, and with one hand covering the side of his mouth he looks at me and asks:  “is it because of the F word?’

“The F word?” (Now I’m leaning over the table)

“Yes, you know….F-A-T.” (I know you’re laughing!!)

“No, J.  You’re not F-A-T, you’re just growing up and you are outgrowing your clothes.”

“Oh, okay”  (He puts his head down and continues his work)


Isn’t is funny how we can jump to the wrong conclusion?